How do i Purchase something ? 

Through my website with RTS items. I have additional payment options including Paypal, After-pay Or Zip .

I do story sales on Instagram that happen via Dm or commenting on the story, and together we will go through the purchase process.

You'll also find me pop up at local markets and festivals around Melbourne, Australia.

You can email or DM me for customs or collab's anytime x ( see my customs policy for more info) 


How long does it take to ship out orders?

I aim to ship everything out within a week of ordering ( see my shipping policy for more details)

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes! I use Australia Post ( see my shipping policy for more)

Do you accept exchanges?

I am an understanding person, and i know buying OOOK up-cycled clothing comes with its limitations & potential issues, though i do my best with quality control. I am always happy to discuss. You can contact me via email theempressmoth@gmail.com ( also see my policy page) 

Do you take custom orders?

I am always open to discussing your vision and ideas, I have loved creating many customs for people, including in sizes that are limited or unavailable in my store. 

Some things are not replica-table, but i'm happy to accommodate, i also love the opportunity to explore an idea with you.  

You can send me a garment to dye or request something specific and i will do my best to meet your requirements. 

How are your designs created?

I have developed several different techniques over the years in dyeing, printing and pigment extraction. I use variations of botanical printing, natural dyeing, cold bath dyeing, and a few techniques i made up myself! 

The process involves mordanting the cloth with a recipe developed by me, over 7 years, then laying out specifically chosen leaves that are high in tannins, when rolled around an object, bound and cooked, the tannins react with this mordant leaving their print in an everlasting expression of their details and existence. 

In my 'Red Work' it is simply water and the natural pigments from the leaves. 

I do not screen print/ paint the leaves etc etc 

It is a balance between science, alchemy and ritual. A devotion to nature herself. 


What kind of dyes do you use?


In my apothecary of dyes you will find such things as Logwood, Oak Gall, Pomegranate, Madder, Cochineal, Weld, Onion, Myrobalan, Indigo and Marigold.

I also use an Australian based Cold bath dye specialist, and i mix colours to create my own palettes. This dye is considered non toxic and is very commonly used to colour natural fibres. It is vibrant and colourfast and will hold up for many years to come (especially if you hand wash in cold water and hang to dry in the shade) 

What are the care/washing instructions?

To give a full and extended life of your garment i suggest a gentle cold wash, try to use detergents that don't have sulphates that will interfere with the pH. 

Due to the organic nature of my this process, the colour and prints will slowly fade, but I have ensured my mordant is good and colourfast. The more gentle you are with its care the longer life you will enjoy. 

Do you have a size chart?

Due to the nature of everything being OOAK and thrifted ( at this stage) it is very hard to have a solid and reliable size chart. I have listed the basic measurements within each listing in my store, it is important to check these, and email me if you need any extra specifications.  

What fabrics do you use?

I always look for natural fibres as they dye the best and are wholesomely better for our bodies and the planet. You'll find cottons, linens and the odd viscose, and sometimes vintage nylons ( because petticoats are lovely..) 

Is your practice sustainable?

My day to day practice is as conscious and earth loving as i can manage. Waste materials are kept in a sump and pH balanced before being distributed over a wide area of weedy paddock edges. 

My intent to bring thrown-out fashion back to life is my own small way to help reduce the epic waste we have in the industry and encourage a special relationship with our clothing that it is to be treasured and honoured, not discarded un-thoughtfully which we do with cheap fast fashion. 

How often are your drops? 

I generally do a shop update once a month, and a story sale on instagram whenever i have a bulk lot to share, i will always announce such events in my stories and will aim to start sending notifications via subscribed email accounts, so sign up for those to stay updated.

Do you have a physical store? Can i visit you?

I don't have a physical store, but i do have a great big studio located in East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. You are more than welcome to reach out for a visit if you are in the area. 

Do you teach workshops?

I do!  sometimes....BUT i'm hoping to do a-lot more now i have a proper work space to invite you to. 

Stay in the loop by subscribing to my email list on my website.

You can also invite me , if you have an event, group or opportunity. 

I have 4 different options for my workshops, email me for more info theempressmoth@gmail.com