Calico Cyanotype Bag
Calico Cyanotype Bag
Calico Cyanotype Bag

Calico Cyanotype Bag

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 Calico Bag with cyanotype printed patch

Width 53cm / Length 46cm

Every garment created is unique, using various techniques of natural dyeing, botanical printing and alchemical dye practices. 

I use real leaves, flowers, and extracts as well as rich plant tannins made from brewing eucalyptus bark and black walnut husks together. The tannins from this brew and the tannins found within the specifically chosen leaves create permanent prints and colouring on the fabric. 

CYANOTYPE CARE: If your garment is created using my Cyanotype method make sure you avoid washing detergents with sodiums, bleach and phosphates as these will dull and brown the beautiful blue! Ideally gently wash inside out and dry out of direct sunlight. 

If you do get fading, soak your piece in a diluted bath of hydrogen peroxide to restore its life force. 

Some colour palettes on my garments have been created using cold bath immersion dyes which I use in a variation of ways to give colours often unfound or impermanent from plants.  

These dyes are considered non toxic, low impact and are used in a thoughtful, earth loving manner.

Feel free to ask me if you have any specific needs and I am happy to accommodate. 

Majority of my clothing is up-cycled/thrifted, I aim to find the best quality garments I can, but please understand there will be general wear due to its preowned nature.  I intend to give them a whole new lease on life and another chance at being a loved item in your wardrobe! 

To give your garment a full life and extended vibrancy, it's a good idea to hand wash with a gentle pH neutral soap, keep washing to a minimum.